TCF 2017 Meeting Dates

January 8
TCF Video  
February 11
Sharing Mementos
March 11
Ask it Basket   
April 9 Brad Bulla
May 14
(Mother’s Day) Reading, Picture Board, flowers
June 11 Annual Balloon Release, Family Picnic
July 9
Creating Memories
August 13 National Conference Reflections
September 10
Learning to Live Differently 
October 8
Tips for Handling the Holidays
November 12
How men and women and siblings grieve differently
December 10 Candlelight Memorial Service

If you would like to have a picture of your child printed on your TCF name tag, please bring a small photo, approximately 3X5, and we will have the new tag ready for you at the next meeting. We will have a form and a choice of butterflies to print on your tag as well. The pictures you bring will be returned to you at the following meeting also.

Press the golden butterfly to see an example of the name tag we have designed for our members.

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